The world will always be an amazing place with technology, a discovery of e-liquids or also e-cigarettes is one of the latest ones. An e-cigarette is a digital and safer substitute for the old cigarette, it comes in different brands with a number of flavors to choose from, a number of E-liquid reviews would help users make choices on which liquids to purchase.Below is a list of the best e-liquid reviews in the market; 

Halo e-liquid review this e-liquid gives quality and flavor in each drop.It contains 23 gourmet flavors, tobacco, and menthol.They do not share information on the portions of ingredients they use however they follow certain rules and regulations. The liquids are packed in appealing bottles and in different quantities to ie.7ml bottle and 30ml bottle.It is rated among the top cigars in the market, most people love its light nature and taste too.

V2 Platinum cigars review; it is among the best popular e liquids in the market that comes in different flavors like ; 

V2 Menthol that tastes like menthol cigarettes. Vanilla cigars are smooth and sweet like glazed donuts.Cherry flavor has no extra flavors to it just the taste of a raw fresh cherry.Congress has a light and smooth tobacco flavor, this flavor is made in five nicotine strengths thus a smoker has many options to choose from.V2 red this one has a strong flavor of tobacco, we would compare it to cigarettes like Lucky Strike, Marlboro, Winston etc.Most V2 liquids are packed in stylish bottles that have a silver cap that holds the dropper .V2 liquids also provides a range of nicotine options at 2.4%,1.2%,1.8% and 0 percent to. 

Blacknote e-liquid review is popularly known for its natural taste, no manmade flavors.Black note company extracts Black note e-liquid flavor from raw fresh tobacco leaves .it comes in different varieties that include; Cavendish is mild with no hard taste of tobacco, Kentucky flavor contains wood flavor when you inhale and it also has a consistent nutty taste.Its a nice choice for people who like having a straight flavor of tobaccos the layers are multiple.Prelude is made with a nice smooth sweet-buttery flavor of tobacco.Menthol Blend the flavor is extracted from Turkish leaves , it has a nice mint flavor, if you are a great fan of the mint flavor like I am this is your best choice of cigar am sure you will enjoy the menthol vape .forte flavor is made originally from Italy ,its very smooth and has a very pure taste we would say the taste is direct .Quartet blend is made from peppery tobacco, it has an intense hardcore taste that is good for people who are not new to smoking. 

Mig Vapor E-liquid review this one is for people who like trying out new flavors, they have a variety of customized juices that allow one to mix on their own, the juices can be used for all forms of vaping.These juices are much thicker .examples of Mig Vapor E-liquid are Berry Smash RDA, rolling Stoned and Red Line Vimana High Vg.

Mt Baker E-liquid reviews they are well known for providing cheap high-quality tasting liquids, they also provide a range of different VG or PG ratios to those who prefer a much heavier mix. This brand chooses to satisfy the customer’s needs and preferences first, they also deal with the sale of products like tanks, starter kits, batteries, and RDAs to.They package their products in 30 ml bottles, 15 ml bottles, and 236ml too.They also provide free shipping on sales above fifty dollars. 

There are various strategies that a user can apply when choosing the right choice of liquid and they include ; 

Flavor; it is good when one buys a flavor of their choice, they are available in many flavors like good cocktails, fruity and tobacco blend.Many users prefer tobacco blends that match their favorite cigarette types.So it is good when a user chooses a flavor they like. 

Nicotine levels; a user should determine the strength of the nicotine.However, the strengths of the nicotine vary as low level, medium and high.It is advisable for one to choose the right nicotine strength as a lot of nicotine levels would give you a headache while extremely low levels make you exhale more.For a nice experience, it is advisable to begin with medium levels then move to others levels. 

PG and VG, its the main solution in the making of an e-liquid that is Vegetable Glycerol(VG), Propylene Glycol(PG), sometimes both are combined.How they are mixed determines the vape quality.Users should know if it is good for them to use the pure PG\VG mix or they need blends of the Pv 

All in all its nice and fun for a user to try out different liquid cigarettes but make sure that what they purchase is of high quality.

AS per the E-liquid reviews world today views the use of e-liquid as a much safer way compared to the use of the old cigarette however doctors say that there is a harmful effect.Scientists have not yet proved the long-term effects of using liquids.Nicotine in the liquids is very addictive however nicotine is recommended for people who lack concentration as it improves the functioning of the brain.Propylene glycol(Pg) is considered safe to use as a food additive, would also be used to dissolve various flavors and color food to and doctors use it on patients, Pg is also safe when taken orally. Vegetable Glycerin(VG) is considered safe as it can be used to treat breathing problems, skin use, and consumption too.

The truth is that no-one can really prove that liquids are a 100% safe despite the benefits outweighing the effects.Its recommendable for users to use them responsibly, who knows what the long-term effects would be like?

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