If you are planning to a buy a vaporizer pen, you will have to consider so many features. Obviously, you have to opt for the preferable features ranging from vapor production, build quality and their ease of usage, but there is much more when it comes to vaporizer pen than its vaping ability. You are looking for a vaporizer pen that is on a budget, meets your specific needs and works right for you.

Here are 5 important questions to ask yourself when purchasing vaporizer pen to ensure that you make the right decision.

In addition, you will find tools that are available to ease your search. The vendor provides you with a guide for purchasing a vaporizer pen which has search filters to make looking for a device that matches your preferences easier.

Does Vaporizer Pen Design fit Your Lifestyle?

Someone who is planning to buy a portable vape pen, the device that you buy must be comfortable to use in public. This, in turn, comes down to size and design.

Vape pens such as the R2 series from #ThisThingRips have a pen cap that disguises a vape pen as if it was an office pen. There are so many similarly disguised vaporizers that you can find on the market.

More so, you need a compact vaporizer that can be hidden easily without burdening the pocket too much. Discreet vaporizer pens such as KandyPens are shorter and narrower, making it easier to carry them around and conceal them in your hands.

Generally, a big number of vape pens are discreet and compact, but if you are going to be using them in public, it is recommended to seek for stealthy and slender designed vaporizers. If you are looking for a vape pen to use at home, larger vaporizers usually feature heating systems that are more advanced, which makes them tend to vaporize liquids, dry herb, and waxy oils efficiently.

Does the Vape Pen Come With a Warranty?

As with other products, a vaporizer pen with a longer warranty duration should be an indicator of the device quality. The manufacturer usually gives vape pens longer warranty duration because they know their devices will last without the need for replacements. When you are purchasing a vape pen research well to find a vape that has at least one-year warranty.

Some of the vape pens warranties cover the device with all its parts, while some warranties protect the battery only. Make sure you go read the fine print or contact the vape pen manufacturer to find out about the warranty details.

In order to be able to redeem the vape pen warranty remember that you will obviously need the receipt that indicates your purchase, ensure that you keep a copy. If you buy a vape pen through a retailer it is more likely that they will process a warranty from the manufacturer for you, although in some cases retailers might send you to the manufacturer direct.

No matter the vape pen quality, mistakes can happen. These devices can break when sat on or dropped, so searching for a unit that has a longer warranty duration is the best deal.

Is the Price of Vape Pen worth it?

In average vape pens go at a price range of $30 and $100. But you can also find expensive or more affordable vape pens according to your specific needs.

It is important to mention that with vaporizers you enjoy the amount you spend on it. This simply means that a big number of vape pens that are affordable will not excel as such in performance, vapor production, ease of use, and more such as an expensive vape pen. If you are in a position to but an expensive vape pen, you can get a mid-range device that has good reviews and performs basically like an expensive vape pen.

If you are an amateur looking for your very first vape, it is recommended you choose a more affordable one in case you won’t enjoy the experience in the end. For a seasoned vaporist, securing a higher end vape pen will pay off in the long run.

What Are Your Vaping Needs?

Vaporizer pens can work with only one kind of material, it can be either wax concentrates, dry herb or liquid. Most vape pens that you will find are for liquids or waxy oils. While you will find vaporizers for weed readily available, portable vape pens, which are big with ideal chambers are the best for the dry herb and they are also highly recommended for leaf cannabis vaping.

The bottom line is that when purchasing vaporizer pen ensure that it will be compatible with the material that you prefer vaping. Remember that some of the vape pens are high breed and are compatible with more than one material type. Some have attachments that are interchangeable making them handle various materials.

If you are planning to buy a wax pen, keep in mind that wax vape pens are compatible with atomizers of different quality. Each wax atomizer variation creates a vapor profile that is unique. If you like smaller but tastier hits, or if you prefer efficient vaporization without wasting any waxy oil, the coilless atomizer will be ideal.

Quartz rod atomizers, on the other hand, preferable for extracting essential aromas and flavors of waxy oil, having ceramic on the closed end. If you prefer vaping for long sessions, or you don’t want to refill so often, you can look for a vape pen that whose vape dish is deep enough to hold a huge amount of wax concentrator.

What is The Strength of The Device Battery?

The battery strength of vaporizer pen plays a vital role in its functionality. For one reason, if you have a device with stronger battery strength, the longer the duration of time it will last without the need of charging it during the day. The battery power also determines how quickly the vape pen can heat up. An ideal pen for vaping while on the go must have a strong battery to accomplish this. For a longer continuous vaping session, and quick heat up, seek out for a vape pen whose battery strength is at least 1100mAh.


To wrap up the loose ends, it is worth to mention that will a wide range of devices available on the market today, purchasing a vaporizer pen that suits your needs can be challenging. But with a focus on the above discussed essential questions, you can be able to narrow down on the available choices of vape pen and get one that fits with your tastes and your lifestyle.

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